1 — 2
3 — 4
Not Very Satisfied
5 — 6
Somewhat Satisfied
7 — 8
9 — 10
Very Satisfied
1. Was the Training System Ready for Training? YesNo
2. How satisfied were you with the responsiveness to your support? 12345678910
3. What was the response time?
4. How was the response made?
5. During your contact were the following questions answered:
   — Instruction needs 12345678910
   — Equipment type and need 12345678910
   — Quantity of required equipment 12345678910
   — After Action Report usage 12345678910
   — Check in/out procedures 12345678910
   — Warehouse pickup or deliver 12345678910
   — Date, time and location of exercise support 12345678910
6. How satisfied were you with the timeliness of the delivery? 12345678910
7. Was there adequate equipment to support the exercise? YesNo
8. What condition was the equipment in? 12345678910
9. If training was required, how effective was the training? 12345678910
10. Did you request contractor field support? YesNo
11. If so, how would you rate the field support? 12345678910
12. How satisfied are you with the support? 12345678910
13. Did you request and use the After Action Report (AAR)? YesNo
14. How satisfied were you with the AAR? N/A12345678910
15. Staff Qualifications
   — Skill Level 12345678910
   — Knowledge 12345678910
   — Technical Expertise 12345678910
   — Attitude 12345678910
16. How satisfied were you with the equipment? 12345678910
17. What improvements to the equipment would you suggest?
18. What other support or procedures would you suggest or see a need for?
19. How satisfied are you with the overall support provided? 12345678910

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